Resident Reviews
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  • Alexander Bryan - 9/5/2017
    Upon moving to Bandera, I have been more than impressed with the facility and service provided. The building is well-manicured inside and out and the amenities are great. Parking has never been an issue and I always feel safe and secure. I am most impressed with the staff at Bandera, always going above and beyond to make sure the residents feel at home.
  • Name Not Specified - 7/28/2018
    Apartment living is not for the private person. Shared space is like living with too many siblings in a small s house. The biggest benefit of living in this building is its staff! Keeping an open ear and listening to my issues is what made me decide to sign another year. Being receptive, looking for solutions and addressing problems. Thanks you guys!
  • Wahhing Chow - 9/18/2018
    Staff is very friendly and helpful at all times.
  • Uptown Apartment Locators - 12/24/2018
    Beautiful property with amazing customer service! The leasing agents take great care of my clients. Open floorplans great for entertaining friends and family! A must see! Rachelle 214-457-8252
  • Rhonda Hamlet - 4/3/2019
    Everyone has been very nice to me. I moved in last Nov. after my divorce. I have a beautiful view of the Dallas Skyline that all my friends are envious of. Great place to call home. Thanks. Rhonda Hamlet
  • g. barnes - 9/19/2019
    Anesa Basic is a proven, astute and highly professional staff member at Bandera Apartments. I would recommend her for any job. G. Barnes
  • John Nassen - 10/24/2019
    The staff at the Bandera Apartments has consistently works hard to respond to each of our requests for service in our apartment. Assistant Property Manager, Anesa Basic, has gone out of her way to be responsive and always follows up to confirm that our requests for housekeeping or repairs have been promptly taken care of.