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Finding an excuse to not exercise or workout for the day is quite simple: Netflix is more fun, shopping is more entertaining, and going out with friends is like a vacation. The thing is, if you have fitness goals that you’re determined to meet, like fitting into last year’s summer shorts or changing the look of your arms, you can’t let the lethargy of the day keep you from hitting in the gym floor. 

1. Find your comfortable place to work out! 
If you’re not the kind of person that feels comfortable in a gym (and at first, who really is the kind of person who feels comfortable in a gym?) then maybe working out at home is your best option. YouTube, Pinterest, and other fitness specific apps are perfect places to look for at-home workouts that will help you meet your various goals. Eventually, you’ll feel better about using our on-site fitness center that is fully equipped with all the exercise equipment you could want. 

2. Schedule your workouts
If you write down your workout time in your planner or include it in your daily to-do list, you are less likely to decide “meh, today isn’t the day.” If you were meeting a gym partner, attending a fitness class, or meeting a trainer you would probably write it down so why not when it’s a date to better yourself? 

3. Speaking of group fitness, try it! 
If you are a social butterfly, group fitness classes would be a great source of motivation for you. Yoga, spin, step, and even kickboxing or Zumba are a few of the activities you can do in groups. 

4. Be prepared
Having the right attire and equipment to complete your workouts will alleviate stress and fear. If you need new running shoes, invest in a nice pair that are going to last you through several workouts. If you need new gym clothes, shop for sales and be frugal so you always have something comfortable to wear. Buy equipment and clothes you are excited to use each time you go to the gym! 

5. Reward Yourself
If you have a performance=reward mindset then come up with non-food related rewards to enjoy after a challenging workout. Buy a new gym outfit, get a pedicure, get a massage, go to the movies, or buy a new book when you follow through with a 5 day exercise plan or lose that inch you were trying to get rid of. 

6. Have an accountability plan
Having a goal without a real plan for achieving it is rather pointless. Find a form of accountability that works for you whether it is a gym partner (an accountabili-buddy, if you will), social media check-ins, or even smartphone applications can be great means of accountability. 

7. Overcome your obstacles
We all have hidden (or not so hidden) weaknesses. The best way to defeat them is to define what they are and attack them one at a time. If your obstacle is feeling like you don’t have any spare time in your busy schedule, vow to not let things get in the way of exercise even if you only have time to go for a vigorous walk after work. 

8. Find abbreviated workouts for when you’re short on time
A short circuit workout is better than no workout at all! Next time you think “I’ll skip today’s workout because I don’t have time to do a full session” or “I’m so tired. Today can be a free day off,” Google HIIT workouts. These high-intensity-interval workouts will get your heart rate going, your blood flowing, and will melt away that stubborn body fat you’re trying so hard to get rid of. 

9. Keep a Success Log
When you complete a workout, document how you feel. Document your progress and which exercises you completed that day. When you’re in a slump and don’t feel like going, revisit your previous successes to help motivate you to hit the gym. 

10. Endorphins Make You Happy!
Getting to the gym is the hard part. Once you are there, it is easy to commit to working out before you leave. Let the endorphin boost push you to the gym and go from there. 

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